Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thinking about cattle herd productivity? Here's how to effectively increase production through cattle herd management software

Before making any decision regarding the purchase of the cattle herd management software, it must be kept in mind that your requirements must be aligned with the service provider. Many software companies are offering tailor-made solutions for cattle operations. Solutions provided by the management software have these salient features that includes; providing a quick view of ancestors due to its visible pedigree feature, it is suitable for farmers, breeders and associations who breed cattle, its provides a clear-cut overview of your cattle, relationships and inbreeding are automatically calculated, with it comes to breeding feature – it provides clear overview of suitable mates for reproduction and it is user friendly and can be managed through multiple accounts. Commercial cattle producers can easily track the information related to pedigrees, expected progeny differences, Semen and Embryo inventory.

Manage Feed Rations

For any cattle herd management software, the foremost important factor that is vital to the production is the amount of feed produced by the animal to perform any activity. For instance, during pregnancy checks in cows it must be ensured that the animal has provided the required amount of nutrients sufficient enough for the cow to be healthy throughout its gestational period. This period must be closely monitored and the after-birth health condition of calf and cow must be observed accordingly. The amount of feed must be kept recorded in the specific module of software.  

Breeding Records 

Many solutions provide breeding records in cattle herd management software with the details of animals actively involved in mating. Their birth, gestational history, offspring quality, gestation period, health of calf after birth, last breeding dates, calving period and expected calving dates can be easily recorded.

Health Conditions of Breeders

It is very crucial to be watchful regarding the health of breeders. History in terms of health must be examined carefully before cow and bull exposure or artificial insemination. The health of cattle before mating must be recorded in your cattle herd management software so the farmers must be watchful of best quality breeders and classify those who have any previous disease history. 

Vaccination plan

Vaccination history must be wisely recorded, for the pregnant cows’ vaccination plan must be carefully designed and other healthy cattle must have their vaccination plan that will be aligned with their growth, production, feed ration and feed conversion ratio. 

Monitoring of individual and group health 

Not only is the individual but overall health of your cattle heath extremely vital. Those animals must be vigilantly identified who can be potential carriers of any communicable disease as it will impact the group health of cattle animals in your herd. Digitalize any health plans of animals that includes; vaccination, diagnosis, dosage, medication, temperature and any related treatments.  

Strategic Planning

Be it agricultural management of crops, pasture management, feed management, weather forecast strategic planning is very critical when it cattle herd management. Strategic forecast always helps to deal with any unforeseeable situation. Feed management here becomes very vital as it eventually affects the health of your animal. Many cattle herd management software solutions are designed with the focus to administer the strategic decisions of commercial users so yield of the businesses can be addressed timely.

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