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Synchronization between painful and shoplift lets you create your own brand in just a few hours!

Creating your own brand of clothing or accessories can be a complex, even quite laborious process, during which the stage of finding the perfect supplier is often a long journey. In this article, we explain why `` Painful could be the ideal solution to launch your future brand, as well as the competitive advantages it presents.

What is print on demand and what is painful?

Print-on-demand (“print on demand" or POD English) is a business process that allows you to quickly sell drop shipping along with a Shopify Transaction fee. Start-up costs are low and you don't have to manage and store product inventory, since your item is created after the order is placed, not before. This means that the risks are also low because the initial investment is minimal and you do not have to worry about selling your inventory. This is mainly about focusing on building your brand, or even testing it to assess market reaction before potentially having your product wholesale in the future.

Painful is a print-on-demand company that allows you to personalize a large number of items (t-shirts, leggings, mugs, hats, etc.) with your own designs and then sell them on your store. This solution synchronizes with Shopify so that transactions are automatically transferred to it as soon as a customer places an order; you get the difference between the price paid by your customer on your store and the price charged by Painful for the price of the merchandise.

Why choose painful?

        There is no minimum order, which means you can purchase one item at a time if needed

        Their customer support is as efficient as it is attentive

        No need to manage an inventory

        You only pay for the product; there are no additional costs

        painful has logistics centers in Europe and the United States, which means shipping is relatively fast

        A white label solution: Pinfold’s branding does not appear anywhere on the package or the product (and you can even add your own logo for free on the package label)

What are the disadvantages?

        You are limited by the number of product types that painful offers - but the selection of items is quite wide nonetheless

        There is a certain lack of diversity in terms of models

Our advices:

        Order a copy of your own items: this will not only allow you to see the finished product and approve it, but also to choose your own mannequins and sets to photograph them with the merchandise; this will considerably consolidate your brand image because your photos and their atmospheres will be unique! Plus, painful gives you 20% off samples.

        If you don't have the time or budget for a photo shoot, you can always use a platform like Place it; all you need to do is place your designs on their pre-arranged photos.

        Would you like to work with a proven graphic designer to bring your idea to life? You can work directly with Printout’s specialized design team or try to find the partner of your dreams on one of these services: Dribble, Balance, or Malt.

        Would you rather buy ready-made designs? Take a look at Designees or T-Shirt Factory.

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