Interestingly, the thing about the customer success niche is that it puts the customer on the pedestal and gives them the complete leverage to make or break the deal. The modern customer today is too keen to get pamper and magnet all the attention. And why shouldn’t be that the case? To place yourself as a brand differentiator, it is your customers that do all the talking. For getting yourself ahead in the rat race, you will have to do more than just satisfying your clients. Gone are the days when they cared about just the quality and price.


With the evolving times, they have given the experience score a new level of interest, altogether. In this blog ahead, we will be walking you through five such battle-tested customer experience strategies that can totally make your business conversion friendly. But before that, let’s brush up on some basics.

What is Customer Experience?

CX or Customer Experience is the influence or service that you render to your customers on a totality, during the phases of their journey with you. It is the CX that affects the reputation of your brand and sets the tone for enhanced gross revenue and minimal churn rates. Simply put, it is the outcome of every communication that a customer has with your company. It starts right from navigating to your website to making the final purchase from you.


A good customer experience paves the way to brand loyalty. According to a statistical report by Help Scout, 69% of the customers will shop more with the retailers that provide consistent customer service, both in the online and offline medium. Similarly, 66% of the customers are willing to pay more when met with a stellar experience.

5 Strategies to try now:

Offer handsome trial schemes

It is a given that the SaaS companies offer the prospects a certain period of free trial to validate and come up with a verdict of going forward with the offer. Trial schemes carve out a glimpse of what the whole offer looks it. Now that they are in the driver’s seat, they can easily calculate the pros over cons or vice-versa and estimate a decision. Every SaaS company strives to do this without fail and statistics back that up. 75% of the SaaS companies offer a free trial as per a report by Chargify.


It could be a 14 or 30-day trial period. The length of this depends on the nature of your product and its complexities. In fact, the conversions that evolve from such trials are healthy and firm, because a customer is now well-educated about the scheme, per se. Don’t keep the trial offer either too short or too long. It does not account to be a great marketing policy.

Let Customer Service take a Notch-up

To pull in on the quick conversions, it is quintessential to boost up your customer service score. For starters, ensure that your contact credentials are aptly put across your website. A customer should not have to dig up that basic information – that is a major turn off. Secondly, keep your FAQ section neat and to-the-point. Avoid beating around the bush and stuffing in a lot of irrelevant information, which a customer might not need in the first place.


And most importantly, when an agitated customer submits a ticket, ensure that your team proactively reaches out and affixes the issue at the earliest. Don’t keep the customer hanging on the other side of the phone. They want you to hear them out perfectly and offer them a solution, almost instantly. Bad customer service has the capability to take up the churn rates soaring high and you might not want that to happen.

Reward and Acknowledge the Loyal ones

A study by Media Post states that about 29% of the millennial clients prefer to purchase from the same brand, thereby denoting loyalty. Nonetheless, loyalty as a trait is quite challenging to sustain. And with the cut-throat competitions, it has become a daunting task to keep up with the loyalty quotient. With this, the millennial customer today wishes to be awarded something in response to their loyalty.


Loyalty programs play a big part in this. They proof the customers that their relation counts and are being valued. Further, it is the best bet to enhance the long-term relationship, or in technical terms the Customer Lifetime Value of the clients. A loyal customer would be more than happy to see a gift voucher, a coupon code, or any such discount offer that shows them that you are serious about the business.

Chatbots and Self-Service Channels

It is highly possible that the customer who has come to you to report an issue to the service team will be running short on time. They would really appreciate to cut the chase and get served at the earliest. One of the best solutions that the customer success niche has recently come up with is the introduction of self-service channels. This includes talking to a bot, going through the FAQ section, or opting for a telephone IVR too would help.


In fact, statistics say that 67% of the clients will opt for a self-service method over talking to a representative. And about 75% of them find this channel to be way easier to fix their crisis. These methods make a customer get a sense of empowerment to solve their own issues without having to reach out to a team member. And chatbots create the impression of being immediately heard and addressed.

Seamless Navigation on your Website

Nothing irritates a customer more than seeing a vehemently complex website. Shoppers want to find their products or services with the click of a button. When the navigation on your website is smooth as butter, your customers will easily find out what they are looking for. Strategically placing them in the right order renders a seamless experience for the customers. Also, try to add a dollop of personalization. For instance, add the element of auto-complete so the customer does not have to remember the entire name of the product.


Do not forget to put the filter feature. A customer would want to skim through products on the basis of price, size, or maybe color. Ensure that to complete a task of searching for an item, a customer should use a minimum number of clicks in order to reach that item. Keep it simple yet significant. A complex website is a big no-no and can put your customers off. If you wish to keep the customers away from churning, go for an easy yet smooth design. As they say, less is more. 

That’s a Wrap

A customer wants to see nothing short of perfection. It is not too much for them to expect a nice deliverable when they are spending a buck on you. Therefore, it is truly crucial to meet their expectations to deliver excellence as you go. But then again, Rome was not built in a day. In order to keep up with the best work, you need time, perseverance, and patience. Try on the above mentioned five strategies and in no time should you be able to see the real benefits.